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Welcome to studio 81 Performing arts

Studio 81 is home to El Dorado High School’s Award Winning Drama Department. Chaired by the EDHS Drama Department’s Paul Tomei, Studio 81 produces plays and theatre events that are student driven and provide a wide and culturally diverse variety of performances.

At El Dorado High School, a visual or performing arts classes is mandatory for high school graduation. Studio 81 offers three classes: Beginning, Advanced, and Production Drama.
About Studio 81

Past Productions

June 10-12 & June 17-19

Ranked tells the story of a dystopian world where competition reaches new heights as publicized academic excellence defines each student’s worth. In the face of an intense and perverse culture of performance, Lily must come to grips with her place in the status quo as she watches friends and enemies alike destroy themselves and each other to score their way to the top of academic leaderboards. When an impossible lie is discovered, the fate of these students’ futures hangs in the balance.