Spring Play Series

El Dorado High School Students are going to bring humor and life to one of America’s favorite fictional households  – The Addams Family.

Cartoonist Charles Addams began to feature the family in The New Yorker back in 1938.  In 1964, ABC TV shot a black and white television series and brought the characters to life as a passionate, proud, and close-knit family who had no idea how truly bizarre they all were.  In the 1970’s the characters made their way into various animated series on CBS, ABC, and NBC.  In 1991, the popular movie starring Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd, and Christina Ricci debuted and made this family iconic worldwide.  This family has had its influences in popular culture, comics, TV, cinema, Broadway, and fashion.  In 2010, a musical adaptation was on Broadway featuring names like Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth.

Come watch EDHS students transform the characters and showcase their many talents of acting, singing, and dancing.

Build your Addams Family Vocabulary

“Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc” – Translation – “We gladly feast on those who would subdue us”

“Bubbeleh” –  General Translation – “My Darling” is used by Morticia lovingly towards her husband Gomez

“Cara Mia” – General Translation – “My Beloved” is used by Gomez lovingly towards his wife Morticia

“Macabre” – Translation in works of art – “having a grim or ghastly atmosphere”

Congratulations 2017 Elly Award Winners!

Production: Imaginary Invalid

  • Paul Tomei, Direction
  • Tierin Salstrand, Leading Male
  • Marin Deason, Sound Design
  • Trinity Harwell, Leading Female
  • Gabriel Tomei, Supporting Male

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