Upcoming Production

Twelfth Night, The Musical

Dear Studio 81 Patrons,

These are strange days in which we are living. While Studio 81 had hoped to bring Twelfth Night to the stage in June, things remain uncertain as to the status of large events. While we may eventually be able to share this amazing show with you, we are beginning to look at refunding tickets that have been purchased.

Unfortunately for Studio 81, the Stay in Shelter order came one week prior to opening. What that means for us is that we had incurred all of our expenses including costumes, sets, rights, etc. for which we will receive no refund. This leaves us short of funds, and possible not able to completely refund all tickets. If you are able, we hope that you might consider turning your ticket purchase into an donation for our program.

We will be processing refunds or donations beginning today. Please just reply to Studio81Boosters@gmail.com and let us know if you would like to have your tickets converted to a donation or you would like a refund. Due to credit card processing limitations, we are only able to process a certain amount of refunds each day.

High School Drama is a important element of a students experience, and we are thankful for all the support you have shown us. We look forward to once again being able to bring you our fabulous Studio 81 productions!

Paul Tomei

Spring Production Donations

Studio 81 Sponsorship Levels:
  • Spotlight Sponsor ($50.00) - Program recognition, 2 tickets to Sponsor Night Reception and Performance
  • Applause Sponsor ($100.00) - Lobby recognition, 4 tickets to Sponsor Night Reception and Performance
  • Encore Sponsor ($200.00) - Lobby recognition, 6 tickets to Sponsor Night Reception and Performance
  • Standing Ovation ($500+) - Lobby recognition, 8 tickets to Sponsor Night Reception and Performance